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CSHELL CL (Classic) available in a fantastic choice of colours
With its award-winning and patented design, the CShell has quietly become one of the most popular ways to store a compact disc. Whether for your personal CD collection or for business, the CShell Classic will stand the test of time - and use. We have taken the idea of a "second skin" and made it both practical and attractive. The CShell CL can be customized with different CShell colors, printed vinyl label or screen-printing.

Less than half the weight and thickness of standard "jewel case" CD holder, overcoming the sheer bulk of traditional designs.
Constructed of durable polypropylene, overcoming fragility.

By adding a splash of color, the CShell becomes an individual product.

They have semi-transparent colours: violet, blue, red, yellow, green, cherry red, smokey black.
Solid colours are red, black and white.
All classic cshell are also available with binder holes.
CSHELL MD (Mini-Disc)
introducing the tiny 8cm shell...
The CShell Mini-Disc is the media case for mini CD and mini DVDs. Just because your software or presentation is on a smaller disc, doesn't mean it can't pack some eye-popping punch. The CShell MD can be customized with printed vinyl labels or screen-printing.

Your 80mm compact discs, and DVDs can now be encased in the patented CShell technology for extra protection.
It even comes with a handy "key chain hole" so you can attach your CShell to a brief case, day planner, or anything else so you don't lose that important CD.
CSHELL DB (Double sided)
the cshell with two sides

If you have a project with two discs, the CShell Double is the perfect fit. The CShell DB can hold two CDs or DVDs, while still looking like a sleek CShell. Two-discs, but only one piece. The CShell DB can be customized with different CShell colors and screen-printing.

This one-piece plastic case holds two CDs or DVDs snugly with two durable hinges. They're a great way to keep two-disc sets of software or music together.